Eyebrow Treatment


We’re extremely loyal to our clients and believe each client’s experience is unique and personal. After all, the specifics and details of each of their needs are extremely important to us, and the quality of our work and open-minded attitude relies on the personal connection we form with all of our clients. Our artists are ready to turn your vision into a work of art.



Microblading, Powdershanding, Lip 
Blushing and Tattoo Artist 

Erika is the owner of HALO tattoo in Long Beach. She has been a professional tattoo artist for 25 years and is highly skilled and experienced in the body art and makeup industry. 

In 2001, she completed her training at Makeup Designory in Los Angeles to become a certified makeup artist. She combines her expertise in makeup artistry with her fine-tuned skills as a tattoo artist to bring her clients a top-notch beauty enhancement experience. 

As a perfectionist by nature, she has the precision and artistic eye to ensure that your eyebrow shape is unique and beautiful. Her love of enhancing one's own natural beauty and not just following the trends makes her stand out in her field. Erika has many options to help you attain your tattoo and beauty goals.


Combo Microblading/Shading $650

Ombre Powder Shading $600

Mini-Blading $200

Annual Touch-Up $300

Lip Tinting $600

Beauty Mark $80

Freckles $200

To schedule an appointment email: Erikaart@live.com

Shannon M


Microblading, Scalp and Areola Micropigmentation Artist

Shannon was born and raised in New York. Her tattooing roots started on the streets of NYC. Coming from a traditional tattoo apprenticeship, she approached cosmetic tattoo with same respect and ideals that were instilled in her from traditional tattooing.

She focuses on how her application will heal and complement her client versus a good Instagram photo. 

Shannon has traveled and worked along the east coast working at world renowned tattoo parlors such as Right Coast Tattoo, and Lotus Tattoo. In 2015 she planted her roots in Los Angeles, California and began her certification into Cosmetic and Paramedical tattooing.

The profound impact that areola pigmentation has on people is what spiked her interest in redirecting her career path out of traditional tattoo shops and into the paramedical world. From her past piercing experience, she noticed the common theme of clients seeking out her services during a period of change in their life. This impact inspired Shannon to want to apply that service at a larger level.


Microblading    $650

Combo Brows   $700

Mini-Blade   $200

Annual Touch Up $300

Freckles $200

Beauty Mark $100

Scalp Micro Pigmentation-schedule consultation for pricing.

Areola Micro Pigmentation $250

Online booking is not available with Shannon.  

To schedule an appointment email: ShannonM.Tattoo@gmail.com