Scalp Micropigmentation or SMP is the semi permanent application of pigment to mimic hair follicles. It can be used to camouflage bald spots, alopecia, thinning hairlines, receding hairlines, and hair transplant scars. It can also be used to add density to the temple region and overall scalp. SMP is a very gentle procedure that does not damage the hair follicles itself since it is only grazing the surface of the epidermis. SMP is done in a series of sessions based on the level of coverage one may need. Because it is so noninvasive, each session can be done as soon as 7 days from the last appointment. Once the level of coverage has been reached, annual touch ups are required to maintain the desired look.

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Areola pigmentation is a fantastic non invasive service to give confidence back to those whom experienced loss or under went reconstruction of one’s breast. Using timeless artistic skills paired with modern technology, we have the ability to create the appearance of an areola without having to be put under anesthesia or have extensive healing time. 

Areola pigmentation is using a wide variety of pigments that are narrowed down to match the patient’s complexion. The pigment is then deposited into the skin via a rotary device to create a 3D appearing nipple on a 2D surface! Areola pigmentation is best known for helping those whom had to have a mastectomy to remove the breast mass due to breast cancer or a preventive breast mastectomy. Areola re-pigmentation can also be done to those whom under gone gender reassignment, breast augmentation, breast and areola reduction, or simply to help define the shape of an areola. Done with topicals numbing cream, patient are able to hold a conversation and a smile while undergoing the procedure. The results are permanent and the joy is overwhelming! 

A consultation is required to schedule this procedure with Shannon. To schedule an appointment with Shannon please email her at


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